About Us

SleekTag.com started with a simple idea by staying safe when away from home.  We are a Singapore based company.
Since our inception in 2014, we received many calls from worried parents with special needs kids, anxious children to dementia parents, sportsmen, NGOs and schools. 
What touched us most is hearing the voice of parents with kids who doesn't know how to speak up for themselves when they are out of guardian's sight. We've personally delivered safety ID bands to children whose parents were still recovering from hospital after missing for few days. I have spoken to parents whose special son ran away from home (many times), he said he can't afford for his son to go missing again. I have also received many last minutes orders from parents for kids who are going for school outdoor field trips.

These are very few examples that keep us going. We are serving a higher calling.... to give you peace of mind when your loved ones are out of sight.

Be safe, be reachable....home is where our hearts is. 

May Lim