Material : Stainless steel
Tag Size : 50mm (length), 13mm (width), 2mm (thickness)
Weight : 16 g 
Total length : 220mm

Health ID Bracelet (Steel) is matte stainless steel. Suitable for men. It sure looks rugged yet stylish on your wrist.

It's total length is 22 cm length chain and the size is adjustable according to your wrist. 
The front has a medic alert symbol at the left side of the tag with 12mm x 12mm in size.
Definitely have sufficient room for customized text in front of the tag. It fits maximum of 5 lines, each line with 20 characters. 
The back of the tag is blank. It fits maximum of 5 lines. Each line can contain up to 30 characters. 

This Health ID Bracelet- Steel is perfect for men. And those with heart conditions, allergies, autism, Alzheimer's or Dementia, diabetes and any other medical conditions. 

If you would like to engrave QR code or any simple image, feel free to drop me a note upon checkout. We will contact you for the image via email. 

Health ID Bracelet- Steel



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