Your answers about SleekTags....


1) How long can we expect product delivery?

We will take 3-5 working days to deliver the engraved SleekTag to you. 


2) What should I engraved on SleekTag?

If you are an outdoor person, you may engrave contact number and any other important information in case of emergency. 

For Team Building, you may enter your team's motto and select the similar SleekTag color. 

For children, you may want to engrave parent's or guardian's number. 

For elderly, contact information of loved ones. 

For keepsake, engrave sweet and memorable information. 

....and many more.


3) Can I engrave using other languages?

Yes, you certainly can! We have engraved using korean and chinese characters. Please send us your preferred image to sleektag@ubersleek.com.


4) How to wear a SleekTag Prime?