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Our adventure starts here

We are from Singapore

Sleektag.com started with a simple idea - by staying safe when away from home. We are a Singapore-based company. We are so blessed to have served many from around the world. Many travel to Singapore to enjoy our beautiful country and take advantage of the great shopping offers while being here.

Since 2014

Our Hearts Were Moved

Since our inception in 2014, we have received many calls from worried parents of kids with special needs, anxious adults of parents with dementia, sportsmen, NGOs, centres and schools. We've personally delivered safety ID bands to adults whose parents were still recovering in hospital after being missing for a few hours. Not forgetting, speaking with a parent whose son has special needs with a tendency to run away from home. He said he can't afford for his son to go missing again.

Cyclist, Runners, Bikers

Keep Us Going

Also, we have received great feedback from cyclist groups, runners and bikers. They have encouraged us to keep going, to reach out to more people, and bring awareness to the importance of wearing a safety ID bracelet or medic alert tag. It doesn’t only apply to people with medical conditions, it’s for EVERYONE - young, old, healthy or otherwise.

Our Purpose

Higher Calling

Above-mentioned has inspired us and will keep us going. We are serving a higher calling, to give you a peace of mind when your loved ones are out of sight. It’s just a small simple safety ID tag, it speaks volume when an emergency hits.

Be safe, be reachable. Home is where our hearts are.

Your Personalized Sports ID Bracelet. Medic Alert Tag. Kids Safety ID Tag.

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