How to wear SleekTag Prime

Step-by-Step guide.

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Step 1 : Measure length of the band that fits comfortably around your wrist. Cut away the extra band. 

Step 2: Lift up smaller flap as shown in the above to open the buckle.

Step 3: Press both side buttons and gently lift up large flap.

Step 4: Turn the wristband around.

Step 5: Use a pin or paper clip to lift the hook. 

Step 6: It should look like picture above.

Step 7: Slot in the other end of wristband, underneath the hook.

Step 8: Press hook so that it clamps on the band. 

Step 9: Slot wrist into wristband and collapse clasp as shown.

Step 10: Lock smaller flap.

Step 11: Ensure there's a "click" sound.

Step 12: Final locked position. 

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