Lost but found!

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We received a heart warming testimonial from our customer. 2 months ago, Jeffery bought a safety ID bracelet for his mom-in-law who has dementia. She has been wearing #SleekTag Prime since. 

Jeffrey went to Port Dickson for a family holiday. The family left her mother-in-law in the room to rest. When they got back to the hotel room, she was found missing. They got panicked. Soon enough, Jeffrey received a text message from a stranger saying they found an old lady at the hotel lobby. They made arrangements to fetch his mother-in-law. 

Jeffrey and family is extremely relieved to know pohpoh is safe with them again. He is very thankful to the good samaritan who was helpful in noticing a person in need and took the effort to text the loved one. 
Jeffrey engraved his mom's name, health condition and contact information in case of emergency. This short information are so important in times of needs. 

 p/s: I actually teared when I received the testimonial. I am so thankful another loved ones are save with their family.


May Lim

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