Should children wear an ID bracelet?

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Yes, children can benefit from wearing an ID bracelet, especially if they have a medical condition or allergy. Here are some reasons why children should wear an ID bracelet:

Why wear an ID tag?

How to make sure my dementia mom/ dad to wears an ID bracelet?

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Medical emergencies

If a child has a medical condition or allergy, wearing an ID bracelet can be critical in case of an emergency. In an emergency, children may be too scared or unable to communicate their medical condition or allergy to emergency responders. An ID bracelet can provide critical information that could potentially save a child's life.


If you're traveling with your child in crowded places, an ID bracelet can be a good way to ensure that your child can be identified if they get separated from you. This is particularly important in places like theme parks, airports, or busy public areas.

Peace of mind

As a parent or guardian, you may have peace of mind knowing that your child is wearing an ID bracelet with their contact information, in case of an emergency.

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